Infinity Home Inspections proudly serves the Fort Worth area and beyond. Our certified inspectors serve all surrounding areas of DFW, but the majority of our business is in Fort Worth. Whether you are buying a historic home, a newly remodeled home, or a new home, no one knows Fort Worth Home Inspections better than us. We are an accredited member of the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau and we offer flexible scheduling throughout the DFW area for the following Home Inspection Services:

Home Inspection Fort Worth

Licenses & Certifications 
Professional Inspector (TREC #9871)
Apprentice Electrician (TDLR #163796)
American Home Inspector Training Institute
University of Texas at Arlington 

Memberships & Affiliations
Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors
Brinks National Inspection Program
American Institute of Inspectors
Arlington Board of Realtors
National Relocation Program
Better Business Bureau

Infinity Home Inspections is owned and operated by Matt Cordio, who is a Certified Professional Inspector in the State of Texas and a Registered

Fort Worth Home Inspector

Home Inspection in Fort Worth

For Home Inspections in Fort Worth, Texas, no one beats Infinity Home Inspections!

Remodeling Contractor in the City of Fort Worth. We have inspected, repaired, and remodeled hundreds of homes in the area, so you can feel confident in our ability to perform the highest quality Home Inspection that is based on our extensive experience in the area. Home inspections in Fort Worth are unique, in our opinion. Some of the older homes have pier & beam foundations that were built with wood piers ... sometimes even tree stumps! Although this practice was fairly standard at the time and in some cases still performing well, it is certainly something you want to have evaluated professionally. If the original plumbing is still under the house, it may have galvanized pipe, which corrodes from the inside and can cause water pressure problems as well as leaks. Also, if you ever pull a permit for plumbing work, you may be required to upgrade the entire system. This is information you want to know before purchasing the property! The newest trend we see in Fort Worth is taking these older homes and building on to them. Builder/Remodelers are taking 1100 square feet, pier and beem homes and adding 2000 to 2500 square feet on an attached slab foundation. When the job is done right, the result is often beautiful. These homes usually have bigger lots, so the end-product is a 3000 to 3500 square foot home on a good-sized lot. These types of home inspections, however, require great attention to detail. It is critical to be sure that the builder properly and safely updated the electrical system and did not overload the original structure with the added weight of the new construction. In our opinion, it is certainly wise to have your home professionally inspected by an impartial home inspector who has seen literally hundreds of homes just like yours.

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